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Java Applets

Applets were tested under Linux (Firefox) and Windows (Firefox and IE 7). Some of the 3D JOGL applets rendered a blank screen under OSX and tended to crash both Firefox and Safari. It looks like this could be a bug with the Mac JVM implementation- a possible workaround is discussed here.

left arrow Mr. Jelly 2D
Simple JOGL applet of a 2D dancing jelly fish.

Mr. Jelly 3D
Textured, 3D rendition of the dancing jelly fish.
right arrow
left arrow Toroidal Spirals
Customizable curvature about the outside of a torus.

3D Tetris
Tetris implementation with a 3D display and simple-reflex AI.
right arrow
left arrow Bullies
Turn based board game designed for an AI to implement swarm tactics.